HRMATT’s Wellness Hub Partner, Patient Connect, launches OMNI

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Desmond Lawrence

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Recently, HRMATT’s Wellness Hub partner, Patient Connect launched “Omni,” the pioneering Artificial Intelligence for Digital Health and Wellness platforms in the Caribbean.

Omni will be accessible across all Patient Connect’s platforms throughout the Caribbean, including HRMATT’s Wellness Hub, and will offer round the clock care via a Live Chat Service. This service links employees, university students and subscribers with wellness professionals, such as doctors, nurses, mental health counselors, personal trainers, nutritionists, among others.

At the launch, chaired by Patient Connect’s Chief Operating Officer, Christin Coeppicus, its CEO, Dr Navi Muradali delivered the featured presentation while supported by a cadre of specially selected speakers; HR Executive and HRMATT President, Cavelle Joseph St Oomer, Lorenzo Hodges, CEO and Chief Innovation Officer at Plain White Table Inc, and renowned AI expert in the Caribbean, Leslie Lee Fook, Director of AI at Incus Services.

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