Building Competencies in Strategic Management

Over an 8-day period (simulating 8 years of operations) you will make decisions on areas such as, strategy, pricing, marketing, product inventory, dealer selection and organisation structure. These help you develop an understanding of the culture and tendencies of human competition. Once all competitors have made these annual decisions, the simulation will be advanced, the results will be updated, and you will see the impact of your decision on the organisation.

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Dr Hyacinth Guy

Hyacinth Guy has been a Practitioner of Organisational Development and Strategic Human Resource Management for more than 35 years with 25 of those years being at the Executive and Senior Management level in diverse organisations in the public, private and business sectors.

Dr. Guy has strong competencies in Leadership Development, Strategic Workforce Planning, Performance Management, Organisation Restructuring, Talent Development, and Employee and Labour Relations.

She is the Principal Director of Hyacinth Guy Human Resource Company a Leadership and Organisational Development Company with a focus on building Personal and Organisational Competencies. She is particularly passionate about helping to establish the workplace systems and culture that facilitate the achievement of organisation goals.