Hyacinth Guy Human Resource Company

Building Competencies with HRM Practice

Building Competencies with HRM Practice is a competitive simulation developed by Interpretive Solutions and based on the human resources management function.

Nov 17th to Nov 28th 2022
Time: 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Course Description

Building Competencies with HRM Practice is a competitive simulation developed by Interpretive Solutions and based on the human resources management function. Participants will be part of a newly appointed HR Team comprised of an HR Director and 2-3 team members who will take over the management of the human resources department in a medium-sized manufacturing organisation. The firm has experienced significant expansion in the past few years; however, the Human Resources Department and its functions have not kept pace with company growth. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) has instructed you to get the Human Resources Department organized and build a strong HR function.

Over an eight (8) day period, (each day representing a quarter of a year), each team will make strategic HR decisions and observe their impact. The HR simulation will require you to manage a given budget and make a series of HR decisions each quarter. You will receive daily guidance and advice from your Facilitators, Hyacinth Guy and Gillia Liverpool. The decisions you make on the various HR issues, e.g., Job Analysis, Employee Staffing, Performance Appraisal, Labor Management, Compensation, Recruitment and Selection, will have direct impact on the organization’s bottom line. The simulation will take place in an environment of direct competition with other teams, and your team’s performance will be assessed on how the organisation performs, and how well it stays within its budget.

Our Objectives

  • To establish a strong HR function and operate the human resource department of the organization within the budget and labor market constraints of the environment.
  • To develop proficiency in assessing the impact of an organization’s strategy on the design of appropriate HR programs such as staffing; training; performance management; compensation; labor relations; and recruitment and selection.

Who Should Participate?

This HRM Practice is ideal for

  • Emerging HR Professionals who want to make a quantum leap in their HR Competencies.
  • Experienced HR Professionals who wish to acquaint themselves with contemporary HR issues, apply their knowledge in a dynamic simulated business environment and mentor junior professionals.
  • Students of HRM who want to experience integrating theory with practice.


An HR Management Certificate of Competence will be given at the completion of the simulation.

Course Schedule

Before beginning the simulation, participants will be given a case that gives a detailed profile of the organization. You will also be given a budget at the beginning of the simulation and receive new budgets in two subsequent periods. You should schedule three hours each day for course participation. One hour will be for group sessions with the Facilitators who will present mini-lectures and quizzes on HR topics and discuss the expectations of the decisions you are to make, and two hours will be allocated for your team meeting where you will analyze the day’s scenario, make a decision and enter the decision in the program provided. You will be expected to discuss the rationale for the decision and the impact of your decision on the organization with the Facilitators the next day.

Dr. Hyacinth Guy

Hyacinth Guy has been a Practitioner of Organizational Development and Strategic Human Resource Management for more than thirty-five (35) years with twenty-five of those years being at the Executive and Senior Management level in diverse organizations in the public, private and business sectors. Dr. Guy has strong competencies in Leadership Development, Strategic Workforce Planning, Performance Management, Organization Restructuring, Talent Development, and Employee and Labour Relations.

She is the Principal Director of Hyacinth Guy Human Resource Company a Leadership and Organizational Development Company with a focus on building Personal and Organizational Competencies. She is particularly passionate about helping to establish the workplace systems and culture that facilitate the achievement of organization goals.