Antonia Ferrier

Antonia Ferrier


Antonia Ferrier is a strategy consultant and performance coach. If you ask her what she does, she’ll say she helps people make growth decisions.

She has the results to prove it after three decades of supporting and/or managing executive decision-making and strategy execution in the Energy, Finance, and Infrastructure Development sectors.

She is a Social Scientist, Business Psychologist, Balanced Scorecard subject matter expert, and Certified Emotional Intelligence Consultant. She credits her success in the arenas of organizational transformation, operational effectiveness, and strategic alignment to her foundational experience in HR.

Antonia enjoys gaining and sharing new knowledge. She believes that we should all seek to live life purposely and give back more than we take. This led to her pursuing meaningfully national development through her company, Definitive Management Solutions Limited. Her personal goal is to support the growth and development of two sectors that hold the country’s economic future in their hands: SMEs and women in business.

Antonia is also influencing national discourse through HRMATT as the host of HRMATT’s new radio show, HRMATT Speaks, and representation on the national GATE Committee. She further supports economic growth and development through her role as Executive Director on the Board of Greater Tunapuna Chamber of Industry and Commerce

Now in her second term as the Treasurer of HRMATT, Antonia continues to lend her talents to strategically re-positioning HRMATT.  She revitalized the HRMATT Advisory Service and is the Chair of HRMATT’s innovative Member Partner programme. Not one to let a good idea go to waste, Antonia’s gift of translation and pioneering spirit has been one of the driving forces behind several of HRMATT’s new forums and signature events.

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