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Social Media Handles (as applicable)

Mailing Address, if different


Is the Company a Holding Company/Group/Conglomerate

Company Size (Total Employee Base)

Size of HR Unit

Representatives Information

Primary Contact (Person who will be administering this account/liaising with HRMATT)

Person to whom invoices should be addressed, if  "Other"

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HRMATT Bank Information:
Name:                                 Human Resource Management Assoc.
Address:                             PO Box 22, Port of Spain
Account Type:                   Chequing
Bank:                                   First Citizen's Bank Limited
Bank Address:                   44-45 Maraval Road, Port of Spain
Bank Account number:    35018416670
Swift Code:                         FCTTTTPS

Registration and Compliance

We understand that membership is subject to approval by the Board of Directors.   This application will not be processed until payment and all required documents have been submitted.  In the event the application is denied,  the organisation will receive a refund of the annual subscription fee only. 

Application Fee (Non-Refundable): $ 500 + VAT

Annual Membership Subscription: 

Category A:  1 - 5 employees:              $1,000 + VAT
Category B:  6 - 9 employees:             $2,500 + VAT
Category C:  20 - 100 employees:       $5,000 + VAT 
Category D:  >100 employees:             $7,500 + VAT

Please ensure the rate selected matches the organization's size i.e. Total Number of Employees.

FIU compliance
HRMATT is required to annually re-confirm its membership data and conduct due diligence on new and existing customers (Financial Obligations Regulations S. 37). 

Politically Exposed Persons: Self Declaration

In accordance with the Proceeds of Crime Act 2000 (as amended) and the Financial Obligations (Amendment) Regulations 2014, Regulation 20(3), and as a registered NGO, HRMATT is required to undertake Enhanced Customer Due Diligence on members who are classified as a PEP. A PEP shall be considered as an individual who is or has been entrusted with a prominent function either locally or in a foreign country, or a close relative or affiliate thereof. A person remains a PEP even after they demit office.

Domestic PEP or Foreign PEP

  • Head of State, Head of Government, Government Minister, Senior Member of Legislature

  • Senior Politician, Senior Government Official, Senior Judicial Officer, Important Political Party Official 

  • Chairman, Board Member, Corporate Secretary, Senior Executive of a State-owned Corporation or Staturtory Body

  • Military Official 

International Organization PEP

  • United Nations and affiliated International Organization; International Labor Organization

  • Inter-American Development Bank; Organization of American State

  • Caribbean Financial Action Task Force

Some description about this section

Source of Funds Declaration 

Please indicate main source(s) of funds used to make payments to HRMATT

Mandatory Document Submission