Richard Solomon is the Principal Consultant and Managing Director of Development
Consulting Center Limited, a firm he founded in 1998 that specialises in Organisation
Development. He is a final year PhD candidate in Management Psychology at the University
of Trinidad and Tobago. He holds two Masters of Business Administration, in Organisation
Transformation and Strategic Human Resources Management. A Post Graduate Certificate
in Organisation Developent and a B.A. in Business Administration.
Richard is a thought leader, researcher, bestselling author and strategist who supports
organisations through skilled consultancy, H.R. Audits, Strategic Planning, research, Team
Building, leadership development, change management, executive coaching and Signature
Service Strategies.
He has been trained and certified by several organisations, including the NTL Institute for
Applied Behavioural Sciences, FranklynCovey (USA), Stucki AG (Switzerland), “Who Moved
My Cheese?” LLC (USA), Otto Kroeger Associates (USA), Service Quality Institute and The
Ohio State University in various disciplines, including Executive Coaching, Change
Management, Strategic Planning, Balanced Scorecard, experiential learning and curriculum
and instruction design.