Joining HRMATT

Who should apply?

At HRMATT, we believe in creating a community of HR professionals that supports and elevates one another. That's why we welcome individuals from all walks of life who share a passion for human resources and want to grow in their careers.

Our membership is open to all HR professionals, including those who are just starting out as well as seasoned veterans in the field. We also welcome students who are studying human resources and looking to gain practical experience and connect with professionals in the industry.

The benfits of membership

HRMATT members can access:
Membership Directory: Locate members by name, expertise or company using the membership directory search.

Legal Opinions: Read, download and print out transcripts from the experts

Sample Policies:
Request copies of over 150 sample company policies on all aspects of Human Resource Management

Job Description databank: Read, download and print a range of job descriptions

Career Opportunities:
Get the most current vacancy information available for career advancement.

Help with HRM questions:
Find the answers to your HRM-related questions or challenges by tapping into the experience of HRMATT’s team at HRMATT Knowledge Center – one of your valuable member benefits. Our experts at the Knowledge Center will use their knowledge and experience in the field, to answer your questions and guide you to what you need.

The HRMATT advantage

Access vital HR information, products and services designed to help you work smarter, not harder. Experience exclusive HRMATT benefits that will enhance your status as an HR practitioner, including:

  • Answers to all of your HR questions
  • “HRMATT Forum” research radio presentations
  • Calendar of events
  • Training programmes including the HR Toolkit
  • Forms, sample policies and procedures and more.

Establish a career network of highly respected individuals

Whether you are looking for advice, new ideas or even a new job, opportunity abounds within HRMATT. Network with newcomers to the profession as well as experienced HR leaders at HRMATT conferences, seminars, Chat Rooms. In addition, you’ll receive a free listing in the HRMATT Membership Network Directory – a virtual “Who’s Who” of the human resource profession. (sign up now)

Increase your value as an HR professional

HRMATT is dedicated to providing the resources that are essential to staying in the forefront of the profession and increasing the competencies of its members.